Republic of Azerbaijan

Republic of Azerbaijan


Corporate philosophy

We are proud and passionate as Japanese, and we will contribute to the economic development of the Republic of Azerbaijan, which is also a pro-Japanese country, and actively engage in business activities mainly in the agricultural sector to improve the well-being of our people.

Country introduction

Republic of Azerbaijan

The Republic of Azerbaijan is a  Caucasus region and a border between Asia and Europe.

Azerbaijan is bordered by the Caspian sea from the east ,by Iran from the  South ,by Armenia from the  West and Georgia ,by Turkey from the Northwest and Russia in the North.

Area: 86,600K㎡

Population: about 10.3 million

Capital: Baku

Language: Azerbaijani

Currency: Manat (AZN) As of January 2023, 1 manat is about 85 yen

Time difference: -5 hours

Founding: May 1918 Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (later joined the USSR)

Independence: Changed country name in February 1991, declared independence in August

Celebration: 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the country



We will actively participate in “tobacco development” approved as a national program in the field of agriculture.

  1. A) Biz kənd təsərrüfatı sahəsində milli bir proqram olaraq təsdiqlənən “tütünün inkişafın” da fəal iştirak edəcəyik.

benefits &


İnvestment in agriculture

The Republic of Azerbaijan is famous as an energy producing country, but it has a national strategy to further expand the agricultural sector in the future.

From the next fiscal year, we plan to invest in silk and cotton production and processing business.

İnvesting in the medical field

 In the Republic of Azerbaijan, the distribution, medical system and quality improvement in the medical industry and the medical field are undergoing rapid reform. We will contribute to the further development of people’s health and medical society, mainly through the introduction of blood test laboratories from Japan, the introduction of cutting-edge medical technology, and the construction of medical tourism.

Medical support is the most important diplomatic relationship between” smiles and smiles”.

Trading business

There is almost no export of Japanese products to the landlocked country of Azerbaijan.. We will continue to export pharmaceutical and semi-pharmaceutical products especially from Japan and export quality, safe and secure skin care products.

At the same time, we will focus on importing processed food, wine and olive oil from the Republic of Azerbaijan, where agriculture is the main sector, to Japan, a hobbyist and health conscious, without agricultural and pesticides.

Agricultural production processing technology support and free education activities

Agricultural workers in the Republic of Azerbaijan are predominantly in rural areas.

Geopolitically, it is in a unique environment where nine of the world’s eleven climatic zones exist, and it aims to improve productivity and quality by introducing Japanese agricultural

technology. It plays a role in raising the standard of living by raising the base and simplifying the work environment.

Japanese restaurant development

İn Baku, the capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, we will continue to arrange and attract companies that want to open Japanese restaurants.


 In the Republic of Azerbaijan, 1% of the operating profit will be donated to various charities as charitable works.


Arrangement and consulting for Japanese companies

We provide advisory services to individuals, organizations and companies wishing to enter the Republic of Azerbaijan. In addition, we are actively responding to customized consultations from companies in the Republic of Azerbaijan and playing role of bridge with Japanese companies.

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