Initiatives for SDGs

TET INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd. upports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
“TET Group Management Philosophy”
The statement clearly expresses the belief that “we will work actively to contribute to the economic development of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a pro-Japanese country, and to improve the welfare of the people, mainly in the agricultural sector.” This belief is in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which target a sustainable society and organization.
Every day we will be sincere, passionate and always think of a way of life dedicated to someone, and all employees will come together to work on it.

Let's get rid of poverty

As a company promoting agricultural business in the Republic of Azerbaijan, we will close the income gap between big cities and rural areas as much as possible. With the aim of providing a better life and stability, we place the highest priority on promoting the employment of agricultural workers and raising wages.

Achieve gender equality!

We have permanent employees and contract farmers working together as a company engaged in agricultural work in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Eliminate social and sexual discrimination and inequality between men and women and in what they do and what they do.

Both job satisfaction and economic growth!

As an agricultural company in the Republic of Azerbaijan, "we work for someone." We aim to create a corporate structure and corporate culture that is deeply ingrained in our hearts, full of rewarding smiles and that can contribute to society.

Let's preserve the richness of the soil!

As an agricultural company in the Republic of Azerbaijan, we thank the graceful waters of the Greater Caucasus Mountains, which are rich in nature, and we will focus on tree planting as one of our activities to preserve the limited nature and pass it on to future generations.

Achieve goals through partnership!

As an agricultural company in the Republic of Azerbaijan, we can enjoy activities to achieve our goals both domestically and internationally. The corporate enterprise, our employees and contract farmers will work together to actively participate in all SDG activities.