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We will explain the process of how plant tobacco is cultivated, how it goes through and becomes tobacco, and how it reaches us.

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Tobacco Species

Tobacco seeds are very small, about 0.5 mm in diameter, and look very similar to coffee powder. About 12,000 grains and finally 1g is so fine that it is grown in the garden before being transplanted to the main field.

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Eggplant family

Tobacco as a plant is classified in the genus Tobacco. Like the eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes, etc., which are the same solanaceous plants, they originate from the Americas and are cultivated all over the world. Currently, there are two main types of tobacco grown for smoking: Nicotiana Tabacam and Nicotiana Rustica.

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Gözəl çiçəklər tütün üzərində çiçək açır. Çiçəklər, aparıcı yarpağın tam qidalanmasını təmin etmək üçün çiçəkləndikləri anda kəsilir.

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The plant grows to about 120 cm or more when flowers bloom and attaches about 20 to 25 leaves.

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 Tobacco leaves take 60-65 days from the time they are transplanted to the main field until the first harvest. After that, it is harvested 8 times every 10 days.

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Types of leaf tobacco

A bout 60% of the world’s production is yellow, Burley is more than 10%, Orient is less than 10%, and the remaining 20% is native and other varieties.


Drying equipment

Smoke hardening method Tobacco is mainly glued to cigarette sticks hanging in stables to dry, but in these stables, the heat generated by the flow of smoke from an externally fired fire box without exposing the cigarette to smoke is dried. During the drying process, the temperature is raised slowly. This process typically takes about one week.

This method can produce medium to high nicotine cigars with a high sugar content and is incorporated into smoke-dried cigarettes to make them softer and easier to breathe.

*We are operating drying processes with Termoplin (Serbia) and Decloet (Italy) drying machines in our factory


our process



our process